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HP Laserjet 1200 error

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HP Laserjet 1200 error by Raul Rodriguez (3/3/03 4:33 PM) reply + / -
I have a HP Laserjet 1200 that won't print, when it turns on al three lights remain on, if i press the button the orange & green lights remain on, but the light on the button turns off.
I need to know what is the meaning of this error and what parts to check.


Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by chris (3/3/03 4:55 PM) reply+1 + / -
fatal error. your motor is bad. check connections, then replace the main motor.

Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by moe (3/3/03 9:54 PM) reply + / -
Is the printer still under warranty? You might want to let HP pay for the repair if it is.

Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by Raul Rodriguez (3/4/03 9:57 AM) reply + / -
No, i have no warranty, i'd measured the main motor with an ohmmeter and i can read 6.6 ohms on pins 1,2 and 3,4; i need to know if there is another way to test the motor before wasting any money.


Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by Anonymous (12/4/09 12:07 AM) reply + / -
ive have the same problem i know if i can fix it and if its a hardware problem or software problem and if u plz reply fast

Re: Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by healthup (12/4/09 9:38 PM) reply + / -
According to the service manual.

Fuser error. The fuser has a malfunction.

1. Unplug the printer and do not plug it back in for at least ten minutes.
2. Verify that the fuser connector and the thermistor connector are both firmly seated in the ECU.
3. Perform a heating element resistance check. (See ˇ§Heating element checkˇ¨ on page 152.)
4. If the resistance readings are correct and the error persists, replace the fuser. (See ˇ§Fuser assemblyˇ¨ on page 101.)

Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by ifa (4/8/10 12:53 PM) reply + / -
My problem is a little different but my 1200 laserjet was working fine until I noted some marks on the copies and decided to clean the roller. Followed the directions and put it back together; now I can't get anything to print. The green go light stays on. I've re-booted 3 times to no avail. Help?!!

Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by moe (4/8/10 1:43 PM) reply + / -
So, we're supposed to figure out what roller you cleaned and how you took it apart?

Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by profbernie (12/4/12 2:02 AM) reply + / -
HP 1200 Printer prints test page but system sees it as offline. I've changed USB cable.

Re: HP Laserjet 1200 error by moe (12/4/12 9:47 AM) reply + / -
Did you try deleting the printer driver and reinstalling it again. That's happened to me several times and that fixes it.

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